Jule Lotte Bröcker was born as Juliane Charlotte on the 19th August 1992 in Braunschweig. During her first years of life she got rid of IAN and later CHAR.

oh please

i just want –
oh. thanks.



i have my own questions or inquiries and would very much like to CONTACT you.


Today Jule makes theatre, and so does Lotte. They’re still arguing who is the clown.
She started, as it is courtesy, in a young group at an institutional theatre (thanks to Anna Zimmer in Koblenz already in experimental ways, producing their own performances). During that time she also dived into writing and physical theatre and then wanted to study acting ah no, rather go into puppet and object theatre.
Since the end of her studies at HMDK Stuttgart in october 2020 in a much pandemical shape, she balances from Catalonia to Friesland through the free lance theatre scene. She’s primarily interested in mask play and physical theatre, and in why people laugh and when and about what, wants to create a play about the recorder and make more music. Or maybe she just wants to keep that as a hobby.

She plays the recorder since she is 6 years old.
And since January 23 HERE.

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