Masks at Edinburgh Fringe, statistics in Lüchow-Dannenberg, North pole expedition from Wilhelmshaven

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It’s been a long while and I have had too little holidays this year, that’s why it’s been a long while (and so on)
I’m gonna be better next year and send invitations instead of looking back at things that have already happened…

The next info post containing the same as the newsletter (hit me if you want to get it!) will come in January!
A little preview:
fridge, sonorous machines, metamorphoses, and something about truth, democratic elections and what Cassandra has got to do with it…

is a project by the collecive das_explorativ that basically connects statistics and artsy narratives to find, by asking its inhabitants, a different representative story of a place. This place, this time, was Lüchow-Dannenberg.
We were there a couple of times over the year to collect data (talk to people, count things, think and walk and do) and held our so-calledpress conference performance and an afternoon with pie charts for everyone.
With cake though instead of pie because in German it’s cake charts, not pie.

And then we made a piece: or version of the scientific expedition of the Polarstern for the toughest crowd in the world: kindergartens.  Kindergartens in Frisia!
Frank Fuhrmann, now finishing up as paedagoge at the theatre in Wilhelmshaven, and I have co-authored an object play for everyone +3: Einmal Nordpol und zurück (To the North Pole and back).

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